Welcome 2010 Freshers!

Welcome to anyone coming to Goldsmiths in this next year. Get excited, Goldsmiths is an incredibly vibrant and interesting place to live and study. The Christian Union has some massive plans for this coming year – it is an exciting time and we’re glad you can come and be a part of it .

Our regular meetings are in the multi-faith room from 5 – 7 every thursday. We meet for prayer every day in the upper refectory (you’ll learn where all these are eventually) at 9 and people are always welcome to come and pray and receive prayer.

We also run alpha, film nights, music nights, prayer and worship nights and give out tea and toast at the Student’s Union club night – Club Sandwich. Come find us on the Christian Union stall at Fresher’s Fair – we’re looking forward to meeting you!
Feel free to contact us on cugoldsmiths@googlemail.com to let us know you’re coming, what you’re studying and where your from so we can look out for you.

Also check out our facebook page and sign up to keep up to date with our events


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