Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Christian Union have got a few events planned for the start of term (Freshers Week)!
18-19th September: we would love to help people move into halls again and are planning to have an even bigger team this year. We’re going to be demonstrating our love for the uni in tshirts and armed with free keyrings. If you’re moving into Goldsmiths’ halls this year, look out for us and we’ll hopefully be on hand to lug your stuff up the stairs and into your new home!
21st September (Tuesday): We’re playing frisbee on the back lawn of Goldsmiths (behind the main building) at 2pm with the ultimate frisbee society’s captains. It will be a great way to meet people (both old and new), and expose your hand-eye co-ordination (or lack thereof).

22nd (Wednesday): A talk: ‘the arrogance of Christianity’ led by our UCCF staff worker Wes at 1pm. Is it arrogant for Christians to assert that there is only one God and way to know him when there are so many other religions? Come and join the debate.

Tea and Toast – Wednesday night also sees the return of two Goldsmiths institutions: the legendary Club Sandwich in the Stretch on the top floor of the Student Union, and we’ll be there with Tea and Toast ready to serve and available to chat throughout the night on the floor below the dancefloor (the Common Room). Come and see us.
24th (Friday): Freshers Fair with our stalls and (hopefully) an outdoor chill-out space. We’ll see you there.
One week, shed loads of students old and new, and the start of another incredible year.