My God holds the future in his hands.

Jeremiah 29:11

i know what i am planning for you, i have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. i will give you hope and a good future

I have had a crazy year. Probably my craziest, and these are just to name a few. I have spent three months in Kenya, my parents have been uprooted by God from our home town and been filled and sent four hours away to work and live in Leeds… i unexpectedly got an A in my biology exam and therefore secured a place in university (which i NEVER thought was going to happen), i left home.. and moved to live in the big city..

I am AMAZED, in awe, and humbled by what God has done. How He has worked through me, and placed me perfectly according to His will over this past year. i have been through some of the toughest and challenging months of my life, yet when i was at my lowest, when i was isolated and thought i didn’t have the strength to go on… God picked me up, built me up and made me strong.

His plans are for the best and its sometimes hard to see that when we’re going through the storms which life does bring. We can often pity ourselves and think we’re on life’s largest struggle. But take heart, God can see the bigger picture and He’s placed us there to prosper. Its amazing to look back and see where God has, and is working and building us for future purposes.  We know very little,  and we often can have our own plans and visions for the future, and sometimes things just don’t work out quite how we’d like them to? BUT when we come before our God, a God who’s knowledge and greatness is UNFATHOMABLE; we will begin to realise we are weak and incapable in comparison, and that it really is best to trust and leave our plans in the Creators hands.

We CAN be everything God wants us to be.


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