For yonder breaks a new and GLORIOUS morn.


How scary that a year can slip by just like that. Looking back on this year can you or I truly say that we’ve glorified God to the full?…can we say we’ve jumped at every opportunity to speak of His name?…have we lived each hour in a way which our God would have done? God has been through every second, minute and hour of this past year with us. He’s journeyed on each of our lives, He knows your hearts, your minds, and your thoughts. He has taken a front seat watching and seeing all the insignificant moments we all so daily forget.

As we enter this new year, God goes with us and wipes the slate clean of all the sins and failures of 2011. They are no more, he makes ALL things new. However… God is handing us a new slate and its up to us what we chose to do with it. We have 366 days…thats a lot of days…a lot of days to either sit there pondering or to go, get and do

We don’t know when God will come again but we do know that He WILL come again, and boy do we need to make each day count. Our time here on earth is momentary compared with the eternal bliss to come, and i pray that this year our hearts will be quickened to win people for His kingdom, our hearts will be revived to speak of His love, our will to be inline with His will and our minds and hearts to daily look heavenward to the ultimate sustainer and creator who conquered, reigns and rose again.

Maybe take time today to think back to your 2011 and to think how much bigger and more glorifying to God your 2012 will be. Set goals, write lists, post-it your room, and see and be prepared for God to work through you in amazing ways. A survey has said that new years resolutions only last on average 13 days, so this year, lets not be another part of that statistic…and if our new years resolutions are ‘to gain a better relationship with God…or to…’pray more’ lets DO it, DO IT, and do it with full commitment and faith that Our God will change us, mould us and shape us into his likeness. 

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  1. laura b said:

    Love it! this is the year!

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