Jesus be the centre.

So this week I’m staying with family friends in my hometown of Bury St Edmunds. This means i get to spend time with two of my favourite little ones: Emily who is 4, and Jack who has just turned 1. Jacks life is so precious. He was born very prematurely and from the start in a battle for his life. If he was to live it was likely that they’d be serious damage.

Countless prayers were cried out in desperation for God to heal his tiny body, to stop the swelling he had to his brain, and to bind him anew. At such an early stage the future is uncertain…but for now he seems (by Gods unfailing power) well. He is the most beautiful and smiling little boy i have ever seen.

However, i can’t begin to understand for his parents what pain they have been through and the continual pain now, and for the future must feel like. Being given the gift of a baby, embracing this long awaited gift weighing less than two pounds and merely an hour old, loving him unconditionally, yet, not knowing whether this precious life will be taken at any time.

This made me think of Abraham having to offer up Isaac as sacrifice to God. Despite only being intended as a test to Abraham by God, Abrahams example of surrender in faith and obedience is a true challenge to believers today. God had spoken the very words of what to do and Abraham obeyed. He had to dispel his resistance, his unwilling heart and he had to give his son over as a sacrifice, the son he had waited so long for…in full trust of God and His plans.

God bids us to lay everything down and make him the centre of our lives. He took to the Cross as the perfect example of sacrifice, laying his life down for a broken world. God alone has the power to satisy our every need. Worldly things are temporal and our life on earth is but a fleeting breath, so this new year, knock down your idols and cling tightly onto the one unchanging and everlasting God. Allow Him to be the centre of every moment of your life, let His power transcend so deep into you hearts that everything about us is God breathed.. that we ooze His very being and radiate His unfathomable love into every corner of our communities and friendships. May we live for Him alone, our Great and Almighty Father who conquered death and gave us new life in Him.


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