Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Matthew 5:3

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Compared to Jesus we are all poor in spirit. We often approach our Father, the Creator of the world, the God who made beautiful things out of dust and breathed life into our very being with such haste, lack of thought and un-holiness. We rush into His presence and come before him with arrogance and self worth thinking we are owed something. Well we are not.

The story is told of a young American student who visited the Beethoven Museum in Bonn, Germany.
The student became fascinated by Beethoven’s piano that was on display there. It was a thrill to think that Beethoven had composed some of his greatest works on that piano! The student asked the museum guard if she might play a few notes on it. To help persuade the guard, she also slipped him a lavish tip. The guard agreed and the girl went to the piano and played the opening of the Moonlight Sonata. As she was leaving she said to the guard, “I suppose all the great pianists who come here want to play on that piano.”The guard shook his head and said, “Paderewski, the famous Polish pianist was here a few years ago, and he said he wasn’t worthy to touch it.”

Even more worthy is God, and even more so are we unworthy to come before Him. Our self pride can so easily hinder our ability to receive, so lets not forgot who we are coming before . We need to come to such a point of humility that we ask/beg out of the very insufficiency and weakness of our beings to God. Through our spiritual poverty Gods abundant blessings will make us richer.  God says that His power is made perfect in weakness. The lowly, humble cry of the tax collector begging for mercy was way more pleasing to God than the pompous prayer of the pharisee. Get down on your knees before the perfect, divine and all knowing God and plead for emptiness that you may be filled.

Then will the kingdom of heaven come down to those who obey, because the King has swooped down to his children, to those rooted in his firmest foundation. The kingdom of God is theirs because they see fulness in Christ. Self interest is gone, the vision clear, and they understand utter helplessness and weakness before a God who humbled Himself, became man, and died on the cross for us. When we have these things, when our spirit is weak, humbled, and helpless, only then will we find the true  way back to our Father, the path paved to His everlasting kingdom.

  1. laura (of course) said:

    UHHH….this is AMAZING! i realise i am your no.1 geeky fan and blog follower right now but i love the way you write these. It is so easy to start thinking God owes me this or that….

    p.s. the pictures are perfect (pinterest anyone?!)

    big love

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