Blessed are those who mourn.

Matthew 5:4

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

To be human is to suffer loss. We have all mourned, yet we are in the midst of a culture where weeping is so easily depicted as an emblem of shame, that crying shows a lack of integrity, and that usually the tears are left to the female (the emotional and irrational one who can so easily weep at anything). Yet Jesus himself was referred to as the ‘Man of sorrows’, intimately acquainted with grief, He himself wept. He wept over Jerusalem and He wept over Lazurus’s body.

It is important to be exercised by our sorrow; for those who allow sorrow to be trivilazed and merely swept away, remain shallow and indifferent. Sorrow helps us to know God as we’ve never known Him before, and this flows out of the previous Beatitude. When we realise our spiritual poverty we will mourn. We will find much reason to mourn. We become so aware of the weight of our sin that we can do nothing but come before God with a heart heavy of repentance, shame and sorrow. Through this we come to learn for ourselves that he is indeed the Father of all compassion and that he will comfort us through the storm. Open your hearts to God, let nothing be hidden. Loosen the chains which govern your innermost feelings and lay them at Gods feet. No pain is too big, He has suffered it all.

Mourning is also the greatest reminder of the world in which we reside. We are living in a corrupted and broken world drenched in sin. We have not yet seen the end of the story, and when the day comes where we are in the presence of Our heavenly Father, we will know that eternal comfort, where mourning ceases to exist and pain is no more.


My life is but a field stretched out beneath God’s sky, Some harvest rich to yield. Where grows the golden grain? Where faith? Where sympathy? In a furrow cut by pain.

Maltie Babcock


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