Doxa clothing.

Mission Statement:

Doxa Clothing (Greek for Glory) is a Christ Driven lifestyle/streetwear brand that has no set trend and that strives to be so much more than just a clothing brand. Doxa Clothing seeks to show God’s Love through everything we do, breaking all boundaries and uniting and inspiring people.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


Keeping it in the family. Doxa clothing is run by my brother Josh and his good friend Ben (below) , and i think its about time  you knew (if you didn’t know already), a little about them and what they do so you can jump on the Doxa dreaming bandwagon with us.  The rest is their very own words about Doxa’s vision, and if you want to find out more or to purchase some of their beautiful clothing visit, tweet them or Facebook them.

At Doxa Clothing our aim is to be a Christ-driven lifestyle/streetwear brand that represents our faith and shares the love of God. We make no attempt to hide or mask who we are, we simply love God, love life and love people!

We are constantly seeking new ways and new opportunities at Doxa Clothing. It is our belief that Doxa is to be much more than just a clothing brand. We started Doxa because we wanted to be an agent of change. We wanted to share the story of God through what we did. It is our desire to branch out into as many areas as we feel right to do so. Many of you know the links we have with places like St Monicah’s in Kenya. We simply want to see Doxa clothing grow to enable us to help others and develop new projects and ministries.

We would love for example to have a Doxa Coffee House and a Doxa shop. We would love to be producing and selling products from Africa through our work at St Monicah’s in Kenya. This would help us to show exactly where products come from and would enable you as the consumers to see that when you buy with Doxa, you are investing in people and places that really need it. We would love to be supporting many missions and ministries through our work at Doxa.

As a brand with Christian values we want to be faithful to God and to what he requires of us.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

Was Jesus one to hang about with all the big wigs or was he down at people level, with the ones that society rejected, the ones in need, the children. God’s heart poured out for the disenfranchised.

We want to share the love that people are seeking and deserve

We want to be able to provide people with jobs from poverty stricken countries

We want to share the hope that we have

We want to become a community and to unite

We want to create clothes that people can feel a part of and even relate to

We want that for each time you put on Doxa Clothing a new story of hope begins

This is our dream, we are not there yet, but with your help and prayers, we can and God willing, we will get to see this vision fulfilled.


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