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Let there be oil in my lamp, let the fire not go out, when i hear the Bridegroom comes.

..Make us ready.

So take my lamp set it on a hill, set it on a lamp stand, i won’t be hidden

-Harvest Bashta


2 Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

In February last year i went to Kenya. I can somehow still find a way to slip this into every conversation, and the haunting yet such deep, and treasured hold that country still has over me is so prominent.  Each Wednesday i would travel into the slums of Kibera to help lead a bible study with a group of women. Each and every woman i came into contact with there was HIV positive and they shared a shop in which they made beautiful jewellery, bags and clothing to afford to eat, live and send their children to school. It was the highlight of my week spending time with them, listening to them lifting their voices in complete adoration and praise to our Father. They prayed with such honesty and delight, they tithed from the pittance they earned, and they would dance, dance before Jesus, smiling and delighting in the wonders of His everlasting love.

A few days before Easter we took the ladies for a day trip. This meant leaving the confines, stench and humidity of the slums, and taking them to a park on the other side of Nairobi.  Any trip outside of the slums cues the ladies to doll themselves up to the nines, and boy did they do that. Better than sunday best, they were coated with luminosity, hats and all. When we arrived, they flung wide the doors of the minibus, slung the shoes, and they ran and they ran. They skipped, rolled, jumped, screamed…they were literally drenched in joy. I have never seen a group of people so happy to be alive and I’m not sure i will until i reach heaven.

As the women gathered around me later that day and i read them the Easter story, some of them wept, overwhelmed. The power that had conquered the grave was living inside of them, dwelling so deep. Despite everything on earth binding them: health, money, security, fees and whatever else, they were TRULY free because when a heart is dwelling with the Spirit of the Lord there is real freedom, there is liberation.

I long still to this day, for a taste of that freedom. For God to break the chains which bind me to this world and to let freedom reign over every part of my life.