Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’m ashamed to admit i was one of those kids who genuinely believed i’d be married at 18….my hopes were pinned on the perfect man, the perfect wedding, and not soon after being a stay at home mum with my beautiful children kitted head to toe in floral prints and, brewing soups over the stove for when my husband returned home from his well paid job.

How dumb of me.

Well I’m twenty, nearly twenty one, and I don’t even have a boyfriend let alone a husband, so my dreams were soon crushed. Don’t worry, I’m not sobbing on my bed, i haven’t signed up to numerous dating websites, and I’m not pouncing on every single male i see. In fact, quite the opposite. God has changed my attitudes, opinions, and thoughts so drastically over this past year, and i thank Him for showing me that being single may be a season, or it may be a destination, whatever it is, it’s not in my hands and nothing i can do can change His plans.

From my early to late teens i was in relationships, relationships so consuming that God became my last love instead of my first. I was blinded and deaf to his promptings. I was defiant that I was where God intended me to be and that being unequally yoked didn’t matter all that much. I was confident that God didn’t have better for me, and i kidded myself that i was truly fulfilled. I was so afraid of being single and alone, as i had for so long put my hopes and relied on other people and not on God. Through much prayer and trust, God has filled a void and taken His rightful position once again in my life. Believing a person alone can full fill our desires is dangerous. Only God is able to do this. He is ALL we need, He alone is enough, and He will never let us down. This is still something I’m learning, its hard to see singleness as a blessing and not a burden, but when we do, it gives us room to  grow in a deeper relationship with God,  and, singleness can communicate a message about Gods own superiority and sufficiency.

There’s plenty more i could say, but until next time I’l leave you with this number…

Right Away, Great Captain!- Blame.

Maybe a little melancholy for a Monday, but it is raining..well, it is in Leeds anyway.

All the same, ‘The Church of The Good Thief’ is a beautiful album brought to us by some lovely fella’s. It’s part of a trilogy of albums centred around a 17th century sailor where Andy Hull proves to be as good a storyteller as a songwriter.


Try killing my leeches for sucking me speechless,
And abandoning secrets and trust all the same.
So I deserve what I deserve