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Bastille are top dogs. They’ve been behind the scenes for a while, and it’s only now they’re on the verge/are, taking the music world by storm. Numerous elements collide to create genre defying, and magical music, making this cover a serious rival to the original.

Earlier this year Bastille released a great mix tape called ‘Other People’s Heartache’, a series of covers ranging from OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson’ to ‘Rhythm is a Dancer.’ Get ya hands on it hasty.

They’re set to be your ‘new favourite band’ if they aren’t already.


Afternoon friends. A lil’ rainy. I’ve just been caught in what seems like a tidal wave of it on my way to church, and am now in Starb’s drenched to the core. I am however praising the Lord because coffee always tastes extra good when you’ve come through the storm to get it.

I hope you are all doing well!

As promised here is what is going on in Freshers week. That starts tomorrow. CRAZY. you can have a  nosey, pray, join in, or do whatever you so wish!

So…welcome Freshers, and welcome to Freshers week! If you have just moved in, we hope you love it already and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Monday 24th September- Prayer breakfast-9.30pm at the Garden Cafe. Be there or be square.

This is for existing members of the CU to pray for the coming term, for freshers, and for whatever else may be on our hearts. We have a big term ahead which needs to be surrounded in lots of prayer, so we would love it if you could come and join us!

Pub social- 8pm- New Cross House

Pop in and show your lovely faces to us! We will be there from 8pm, but come any time you like! If you can’t find us call/text me on 07582630984.

Wednesday 26th- Freshers Fayre- 11pm-5pm.

We have a  stand at the Freshers fayre so come and say hi and keep us entertained! We’l just be doing our thing. We also need help ‘manning’ the stand, so if existing members want to come down and help out for an hour or two let us know!

Tea and Toast at Club sandwich- 10pm til the early hours...

Tea and toast is here again, so roll on the drunk and disorderly. For those who don’t know what tea and toast is, it is a chance for us to just serve our university. To be at the heart of University and to be showing to others through our actions just how much Jesus means to us! Club sandwich is the SU club and it is on every Wednesday. Twice a term we go down with tea and toast at the ready to feed a multitude of hungry people. We have already had the chance to engage in deep conversations and have been asked many questions. Please pray this will continue to happen!

If you’re at Club sandwich anyway come and say hi. If anyone wants to bring supplies we’d love for you to help! We need bread, marmite and jam!

Thursday 27th September- Freshers fayre.

If you’ve already said hi…come and say hi again?! We’l have cakes!

In the evening we will be going to HTB in South Kensington for their event ‘Kingdom Come’. It’s a night of worship, prayer and praise which is going on around the country. It’s 7.30-9.30pm and we are meeting at New Cross Gate station at 6.40pm. Again phone me for any information or if you’re coming but going to be late etc. 

 Saturday 29th September- Picnic in the Park- meet at the front of RHB 12.30.

We are going to Greenwich park and hoping the sun will shine for us, it better as there is no plan b!

If your surname starts with the letters A-M bring a savoury dish/snack and N-Z bring something sweet! Hope that is simple enough. Also bring your own drink and some entertainment…frisbee’s and footballs etc.

Sunday 30th September- Church Search- 10am at the Goldsmiths cafe.  

This is a chance for you Freshers to get linked up to a church. We will have people to speak on behalf of each church and to give you an overview of what happens, when and where it is. Most church services start at 4pm, so you’l have an opportunity to travel with us later to wherever you decide to go!

If you’re not a fresher but want people to hear about your church, come along and say your bit!

 Wednesday 3rd October- Film Night- 8pm- at our house, we’l give you the address soon!

Directions can be given if needed! If coming from New Cross Gate, the 171 and 172 both go past our house!

Bring your own nibbles…popcorn and all that jazz. Also, bring your favourite film and we’l select on the night. 18’s are forbidden due to being a potential health and safety risk, the Princess Diaries films will however be warmly welcomed.

Thursdsay 4th October- First CU of term (Yipeeeee)- 5-7pm in the multi faith room (first floor of the RHB). We’l have people around to direct you!

This is also the start of our ‘Big Questions’ series. Joel Kendell is kicking us off with ‘Is it God’s universe’?

We have chosen these topics because we felt that last year these were the topics we got asked the most questions on! We hope that they’l help to equip each of us so we have the confidence to engage in conversations with others!

After the main meeting we’l be going to the garden cafe to hang out.

 Saturday 6th October- Football on the field.

Jash is organising this one, so more details to come. I guess the basics are there though…football and a field.

Monday 8th October-  So marks the start of our STUDENT ALPHA course!

Please be praying for this! There will be a free meal each week, lots of chance for discussion and some great talks on Who God is, What He Does and everything else!

Of course student alpha can’t run without students, so if you’re reading this and are interested of people who would be or you yourself are, let us know! We would love to see you/them there!

The first year of University i crucial in that it is the first year away from home for most, and people are starting to discover things for themselves. Your new flat mate may be longing to have been asked to an alpha course all their life but were to embarrassed to ask themselves and God has put you in their flat to be the instrument which brings them there! We dare you to ask someone…what’s the worst that asking can do!?

The internationals meal has now been moved to the 11th of October! it will be after the main meeting in the Catholic Chaplaincy! We will feed you and we will just have a chance to get to know everyone!

So i think that’s all!

Most of all, please pray. We need prayer more than supplies, people etc. thank you for your support and we are so looking forward to seeing you if you’re a fresher…going to be a fresher etc. we love and value you already!


As Paul opens Thessalonians: ‘Brothers pray for us’ so we need a similar request and plea. In a few weeks time Freshers kicks off. Thousands of new students will pour through the doors of Goldsmiths to start being educated, some with a belief in God, some with none.

We know we can’t go into this next term of CU leadership without God as our strength, so here is what’s going on and here is what we’d love, and appreciate prayer for.

Just on a side note, i had written this blog post last week, an hours worth of musings and thoughts. THEN SOMEEEEEHOW, i lost it. It’s taken me all these days to bring myself back to the drawing board and re-write it, so bare with me, and apologies for the more than poor conveyance..i’m still a little bitter hah.

Pray that God will be softening hearts right now. Goldsmiths is already known for it’s diversity, and so, we will be welcoming people of different sexuality, faith, culture etc. God can move even the hardest of hearts, and break the tightest of chains. Pray for receptiveness in the people that we meet. Ears open to God and His power.

We have such a story of freedom. Being liberated from the grips of sin and instead given the promise of eternal life. Yet we struggle so much to tell of God’s amazing love to others. Pray for a confidence in Christ in each of us here, free us from shame, and give us a desperation to tell of God’s name all around our university.

God is able to do more than we could immeasurably think or ask. This is comforting yet i often undermine God. Pray that we’l be expectant and in tune for what He is wanting to do here. Pray that He will free the broken, and bring new life to people who have been searching for empty fulfilment for so long. Pray that God’s Kingdom will come in this small part of South East London.

Pray for the Christian’s who will be starting university. I know that although i was excited to come to university i was also very afraid. Afraid of what others would think of me, whether i’d make any friends, how people would respond to me being a Christian, how i would cope away from home…and this was just a few. In our modern culture, Christianity is not the norm. Pray for boldness. Also pray that they will trust in God more than ever and though temptations will come that they’l focus on God alone.

Also pray for Christian leaders to be sent to Goldsmiths. We will finish our year in CU leadership in December and want people who love Jesus and have a vision for Goldsmiths to take over from us. We will also need worship leaders for next term, please pray that God will bring us people with musical talents or spout them out of no where….(I’d love to play the guitar!)

Please pray for us as a leadership team. We knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be any easy job, and however much we love doing it, it is tough. I know last year i put more energy into CU than my school work, so pray for the gift of organisation. Pray for wisdom, encouragement and a faith and trust in God which surpasses anything.

It’s also easy for us to organise talks we think would benefit others and not look at our own lives and think what we need from God.  Pray that we will surround everything with prayer. That God would transform us and mould us and shape us into his likeness. That He will fill us with the fruits of the spirit so we then can go out and fill others with the love He has shown us.

We have lots of events happening in Freshers, and after we have a student alpha starting. All these events require resources, energy and time, please pray for provision.


That is quite a list i apologise.

Thank you.