We are the Goldsmiths Christian Union and this is our banterous blog. We are a mix of many different denominations and nationalities who unite around the incredible message of the Gospel. We want to share the GREAT news of Jesus and bring God’s wondrous truths to our university.

We have three main desires as a Christian Union:

  • To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Goldsmiths
  • To love and serve our university
  • To build up the Christians within Goldsmiths
Romans 1:16

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” 

If you’ve just happened to stumble upon us, you’re a fresher or  a prospective student or ANYTHING/ANYONE else we’d LOVE to hear from you…and here is how..

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  • Twitter (tweet tweet): GoldsmithsCU

Love Megan..

  1. Jo Walters said:


    I’m the prayer sec from UBCU (the University of Birmingham) and I’m trying to link lots of CU’s together in prayer. If you think this would be of interest, please join the facebook group and link in people from your cu you think might also benefit. The group is here

    Thanks, God bless

    Jo Walters
    Prayer Sec, UBCU

  2. Hi there

    As you put together your meetings and speakers for this academic year, we can offer input on some of the hottest topics around relationships and sex. Living Waters is an orthodox Christian ministry, and member of the Evangelical Alliance with loads of experience in dealing with these issues.

    Getting an understanding of these issues helps us live holy and effective lives in an increasingly sexualised society. It also helps in evangelism, providing powerful and effective answers to the questions and issues our friends face every day.

    So if you are thinking of addressing stuff like:

    * i-Sex and the me-Society – holy living in a sexually charged and focussed society.
    * Relationships, Rights and Responsibilities – healing relationships and responsible living.
    * Porn Almighty – dealing with pornography and sexual immorality.
    * Shame Alone – roots of shame, isolation and fear in relationships and God’s response.
    * Fatal Attraction – regaining control of your sexuality and living free of compulsivity.
    * The Cross – the power of the cross and confession.
    * Father Heart of God – finding God as true father and moving from orphans to sons and heirs.

    Living Waters can offer both evening talks or whole weekend programmes based around these topics as well as others to do with family origins of relational problems, dealing with gender, and how an understanding of true humanity empowers evangelism. For more information please contact Lisa, Paul or Peter at the Living Waters office or email us on

    May God bless you richly as you seek to bring his kingdom into your college.


    Peter Watts

    Living Waters

    The Healing of Relationships Through the Power of the Cross

    Living Waters Discipleship & Healing Trust – PO Box 1530 – LONDON – SW1W 0WF

    Tel & Fax: 020 7630 1044 – Email: – Web:

    Charity No: 1056150 – We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance

  3. Please have a look at the concert website for the American gospel artist Michael Card;
    we are in London 28th March and would love to welcome you to hear Michael in the Easter concert, Only His Wounds;

  4. I’m thankful to be able to read about thoughts from others many miles away and interact with them on-line. Enjoyed reading your post!

  5. Hello there. I came across your site as I was posting a blog and finding pictures. Just wanted to say hello and feel free to check out our site. Would love to send you a FREE copy of my new ebook.


    Christian. Husband. Father.

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