Bastille are top dogs. They’ve been behind the scenes for a while, and it’s only now they’re on the verge/are, taking the music world by storm. Numerous elements collide to create genre defying, and magical music, making this cover a serious rival to the original.

Earlier this year Bastille released a great mix tape called ‘Other People’s Heartache’, a series of covers ranging from OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson’ to ‘Rhythm is a Dancer.’ Get ya hands on it hasty.

They’re set to be your ‘new favourite band’ if they aren’t already.

Right Away, Great Captain!- Blame.

Maybe a little melancholy for a Monday, but it is raining..well, it is in Leeds anyway.

All the same, ‘The Church of The Good Thief’ is a beautiful album brought to us by some lovely fella’s. It’s part of a trilogy of albums centred around a 17th century sailor where Andy Hull proves to be as good a storyteller as a songwriter.


Try killing my leeches for sucking me speechless,
And abandoning secrets and trust all the same.
So I deserve what I deserve